Vendor Engineering Detailed Engineering

Vendor Engineering (also referred as Detailed Engineering) - The process of performing the detailed engineering by the vendor for their package is normally referred as Vendor Engineering. The vendor engineering usually follow a similar process as Basic Engineering by the Consulting Engineering, the only difference between that in the current case, the vendor does the complete detailing of their package in compliance with the basic engineering constraints as are listed in the tender documents and submits the same for the review of the owner/EPCM as per the workflow as agreed in the Engineering Coordination Procedure.Normally in the Vendor Engineering Phase, 

  1. There is agreed Supplier Document Schedule(SDS) between the vendor and the owner.
  2. The document are created as per the agreed SDS and are to be approved by the engineering team of the vendor - before the same is submitted to the owner.
  3. There are workflows between the vendor and the owner for the approval of the documents.
  4. The documents are interchanged along with the Document Transmittal Notes and are tracked over their complete lifecycle from SDS to RFC/RFF to AsBuilt.


tBits CollabWrite DCM Module enables you to track the deliverable during the complete lifecycle of the project including in the Vendor Engineering Phase of the project. The application virtually integrates the vendor team with the owner team for engineering activities leading to reduced time to engineering for the projects and enabling more time available to the firms for focusing on procurement & construction activities. 

Normally - as the no:of vendors are large in the project - and these vendors work in the boundaries as have been defined in the contract, the it is sometimes also referred as Detailed Engineering .