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Document Transmittal Note Drawing Transmittal Example

Document Transmittal Note - Document Transmittal Note (also referred as Letter of Transmittal or Drawing Transmittal) is a coversheet that is sent to the other party giving the details of the document enclosed.Normally a document transmittal note will include

  1. Letterhead format
  2. A unique document transmittal number
  3. The date of transmittal
  4. Information about who is issuing the document transmittal note
  5. Protocol Information as - to whom it will go with a copy to whom.
  6. Table Containing - Document Number, Document Title, Submission or Decision Codes, Remarks, the refeerence to the previous document transmittal note via which the submission or decision was received on documents as enclosed in the current transmittal note.
  7. List of attachments (sometimes)
  8. Signatures etc.

Document transmittal notes are of immense importance in the project as they are the contractual documents via which the transfer of ownership happens in the project. There are rules that states that if the document is received, it needs to be commented within say 14 calender days or 10 working days. The computation of these days commence from the date on which the letter of transmittal was issued or received (as the protocol may be in projects as people sometimes tend to predate the document transmittal note - if paper based).

If there are any delays in receiving the comments, it may affect the project schedule. These dates are computed on the basis of the document transmittal note dates. Hence, Document Transmittal Notes - at the time of arbitration or legal proceedings - serve as evidence. 

tBits CollabWrite automatically generates the document transmittal notes in the formats as are required by the project teams. It also automatically generates the acknowledgement of the receipt of the transmittal for the received transmittal. 

An example of the drawing transmittal or the letter of transmittal or the dcoument transmittal note can be found here.