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TransBit Technologies offers complete suite of services for deployment, integration and sustenance of its products in the client landscape. The services offered includes:

  1. Consulting Services
  2. Application Deployment & Project Execution Services
  3. Custom Application Development Services
  4. Managed Installation Services
  5. Specialized Services

A synopsis of each of these services is as follows:

Consulting Services:

  1. Creation of Business Case for the deployment of enterprise-wide application for document control and project records management.
  2. Business processes associated with Document Control & Project Records Management including Change Management.
  3. Creation of Project Execution Plans for deployment of enterprise-wide products.
  4. Creation of application sustenance plans for enterprise-wide products.

Application Deployment & Project Execution Services:

  1. Specification Creation &Specifications Sign-Off
  2. Deployment Project Execution Plan Finalization.
  3. Definition of interfaces with other applications or enterprise-wide systems for seamless data flow between the applications.
  4. Deployment of application in conformance with agreed specifications.
  5. User Acceptance Tests and results.
  6. Training & change Management.
  7. Go-Live and Institutionalization of post-go live support.

Custom Development Services – for development of customized applications and integration in the client landscape.

Managed Installation Services – For turnkey application sustenance services including Training, support, change management & operations on application.

Specialized Services

1.     Primavera Scheduling & Project Planning Services

2.     Document Control Build, Own, Operate & Transfer (BOOT) Services on turnkey basis to Projects.