Project Protocol / Project Management Protocol

Project Protocol (also Referred as "Project Management Protocol") - In a project - as there are large number of firms involved with very large number of people working in them for the project - there are rules that are set for communication between the said agencies. These rules specify 

  1. Who can talk to whom for which types of issues.


This constraint - of who can talk to whom for which type of issues with a copy to whom - are referred as Project Protocols or Project Management Protocols. Project Protocols or Project Management Protocols are very important in a project for information flow in between the organisations. This further assumes a lot of importance as in the various project execution failure surveys that were done by reputed consulting firms - the failure in management of the communication was among the top 3 reasons of project failure consistently over a period of 2 decades.

tBits CollabWrite Correspondence Module complies with the Project Protocols and enforces them. However - there is a flexibility that is built in about how strict these protocols can be at the time of creation of the correspondence. Depending upon the project requirements, it may be possible to regard the protocol as a suggestion which can be changed, or regards the same as mandatory - where more people can be added but no one who is involved in the protocol can be removed or the protocol can be absolutely strict where no addition or deletion of names in the protocol is possible.

Depending upon the project requirements - these protocols can be enforced by the system itself. For more information - please see - tBits CollabWrite - Correspondence Module.