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TransBit Technologies Software Private Limited (TTSPL), the leading providers of software and services in the domain of Document Control & Project Records Management serving Engineering, Construction & Process Industries worldwide. 

The firm started in 2007 and has been serving to the Owner, Contractors & Consulting Engineering firms operating in the domain of Energy, Resources, Industrial Infrastructure, Urban Infrastructure & Process Industry projects.

The firm provides the software & services enabling automation of the various records creation and records management aspects associated with the execution of mega projects in the infrastructure domain.  The software & services are in the domain of 

  1. Engineering Document Control - including complete deliverable lifecycle management from Planning to As-Built Stage.
  2. Inspection Call Management - including complete equipment quality lifecycle management from approved Quality Assurance Plan to Erection & Commissioning.  
  3. Correspondence Management
  4. Minutes of Meeting Management
  5. Design Change Management - including Design Change Note, Field Design Change Notes, Technical Queries Management.
  6. Punch List Management
  7. Workflow Automation of business processes - Invoice Tracking Applications etc.

The software products offered by the firm are Cloud Computing Compatible, Web-Based, Enterprise Class, Open Standards Compliant and highly customizable, configurable, scaleable and secure. The client has the option for self-hosting as well as cloud based SaaS model.

The Firm has also been an innovation leader in the domain of Document Control Requirements and has to its credit the following First's in the world:

  1. Identification of latest "Released for Construction" drawings from hard-copies using mobile phone based code readers. (Patent Pending)
  2. RoBOTic Document Control Assistant - The software bots that automate the complete process of inward and outward deliverables management including performing quality checks and updating master deliverable registers without human intervention. (Patent Pending)

The firm is professionally managed by the team of professionals that are graduates of elite - Indian Institute of Technology - with degrees in Computer Sciences, Mechanical, Chemical & Industrial Engineering and work experience in Software Development and Project Execution in Oil & Gas, Thermal Power & Consulting Engineering Firms.

The firm is debt-free, profitable and is head-quartered in Hyderabad (India), with Software Development Center in Bangalore (India) and Sales Offices around the world.