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Case Studies

tBits CollabWrite has been chosen as a platform for enterprise Document Control by reputed Owner, Contractor and Consulting Engineering Firms. We deal with all sizes of organisation varying from an organisation that has about 7000 users to organisations that use Product on Single Project [normally that single project is in itself a firm]. 

Most of the above customers opt for the varied investment models - varying from classic model of application purchase, configuration, deployment and maintainance to newer business models associated with monthly payments or success based fee.

tBits CollabWrite has been deployed on several customers and after the deployment and commercial usage, audits have been conducted by customers' team after several months/years of usage to estimate the actual benefit accrued from using the application - is any. Customer have be published the success case studies and shared them in industry forums.

Based on the above customer audits - the following are the results.

Customer Name Project Start Date  End Date


in months

ROI  Process before tBits
 KSK Energy Ventures Limited 6x600 MW - Mahanadi 6-Jul-09 8-Jun-12 35.60 5480% Paper Based Processes
GMR Limited  Chattissgarhh Energy Project 21-Oct-11 17-Sep-12 11.07 52% A combination of FTP, Email & MS Excel
Tata Projects Limited Pioneer Gas Project 18-Sep-12 16-Jan-13 4.97  16% A combination of FTP, Email & MS Excel

Value Drivers for delivering a fabulous ROI to the customer are the following:

  1. Usage - larger the usage and number of transactions done by the client - more benefit it achieves. 
  2. Automation - tBits is deployed to increase the productivity of stake holders and we configure the application for usage for particular projects to ensure that there is a tremendous increase in productivity of people while we follow exact rules as are required in the contract to deliver actionable information to project stakeholders. 

The higher the two value drivers - the higher in the ROI that the customer achieved.