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Punch List Management Module

What is Punch List?

After the successful completion of the equipment installation and commissioning tests, usually there are a set of corrective actions that are to be taken by the contractor - which however doesn't impede with the working of the equipment.

Such small corrective action items which are to addressed  by the contractor before the completion certificate can be issued and retention amount as listed in the contract is released - are referred as Punch Lists. Punch Lists are very widely used in all types of Construction & Industrial Projects and are used as a standard tool for acceptance of equipment.

The punch lists for a large projects can run in several thousand action items and usually the tools as tBits Punch List tracking are adopted for collaborative tracking of these corrective action items.

How does tBits Punch List Management Module Assists Project teams?

tBits Punch list Module comes along with Punch List Templates and Punch List Checklists that can be adopted by the customer. Further tBits Punch list module offers an MS Excel type of interface for the users to create and manage Punch Lists. The active integration with the MS Excel - ensures that the large set of punch points can be created easily and monitored. 

tBits Punch list module tracks all points as single individual entities since inception to its disposal.

Further - these can be assigned to external entites as contractors for resolution. The contractor can reply to the emails received from the system to give their response to the punch list items and collaboratively work to ensure that each punch list point is rectified [Bi-Directional Email Integration]

What are benefits of Punch List Tracking Module?

  1. Real-Time MIS Reports - All Punchlist Corrective Action Items are tracked in real-time for the actions taken and MIS Reports generated and circulated. [Actionable MIS Reports] .
  2. Automated Reminders & Escalations ensure that the team is focused on resolving the punch points and getting the completion certificates issued. 
  3. Ease of Usage - with bi-directional email integration - the vendors can be respond to the action items without actually login into the system making the system easy to use for all people concerned. Further - features as Import from MS Excel, Copy from MS Excel and Paste in Web-Application, along with look and feel of application that is closely related to that of MS Excel makes it easy for the user to operate the system.