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Automated Document Transmittal Notes (DTN's)

What is Document Transmittal Note?

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Why Document Transmittal Notes?

Document Transmittal Notes are the formal letters (and hence documentmentory Proof) via which the transfer of responsibility happens between the two agencies involved in the project. Further - activities in a project are time bound - implying that when one agency submits a drawings for review to another agency - then the target date by which the agency has to give decision is determined by the date when the submission took place - which is the date on which the transmittal of document was done. The document transmittal notes are very important as they serve as an evidence during the arbitration and claim situation.

tBits CollabWrite - Automated Document Transmittal Notes

Traditionally - the document transmittal notes contain the sighnificant amount of information about its identification, to whom it is being addressed and the contents of what is being released. In certain organisations, there is even a review and approval process for the issue of the document transmittal notes- given their legal validity.

tBits CollabWrite assists the firms in creation and release of Document Transmittal Notes in completely automated manner. A sample of the tBits CollabWrite - Document Transmittal Note can be found here . All organisations can configure the DTN Letter output formats as well as email notifications - as per their organisational standards / Project Requirements.

The tBits CollabWrite generated document transmittal notes clearly comply with the following:

  1. Project Protocol Information - the names of the people to whom the transmittal is being released to etc is determined on the basis of your project protocols as has been agreed in the project.
  2. Reference DTN Number - The Document Transmittal Notes of the other agency via which the documents were received by the agency.
  3. List of Submissions and the purpose of Release of Documents/Drawings - A table detailing the list of drawings that are being enclosed -including the purpose of their release [ for review, for construction, As-Built etc]
  4. Digital Signatures - The digital signatures as applicable for the dispatching organisation as per project protocols are also inserted - along with a table for carbon copy circulation.
  5. Enclosures - List of digital files that is enclosed for each deliverable that is being released in the document transmittal. Along with the list of files, the email notification also includes the file signatures based on standard cryptographic algorithms to accurate identification of files and eliminating any chances of worng-doing any any agency.
  6. Automated Email Notifications - all the recepients to whom the letter of transmittal is dispatched, receives a system generated notification including the complete letter of transmittal in the email body and enclosures as attachments or links as per their preferances and organisational policies. Using tBits - you can transfer large amount of data (say more than 1 GB) securely and in a hassle free manner. If the data set is larger that what can be handled by the emails, the attachments automatcially get converted into links - that can be used for downloading the files in a secure manner with or without autehntication (login/password)

Business Benefits:

  1. Improved Productivity - The complete process of Document Transmittal Note creation, Emailing, Updation of Document Control Databases and Registers - can be done - if required - in 2 mouse clicks - which otherwise - even if we use MS Excel Spreadsheets and email softwares will take atleast 15-20 minutes for say 100 deliverables.
    • The Document Transmittal Note can be generated in 2 mouse clicks - including sending all emails notifications etc. One mouse click is for selecting the type of transmittal and another for clicking - create transmittal. All other aspects - including protocols, files & attachments, return dates, engineering physcial progress booking etc is automated.
    • No requirement for sending documents in multiple emails due to attachment size restructions applicable on email servers - No limit on the size of data that can be transferred - including in email notifications as attachments get converted automatically into links using which the recepient can download the information (including without login/password into central system if allowed.)
  2. Reduce Risk - All Document Transmittal Notes will be uniquely number automatically and will comply with all project standards as applicable - including protocols, physical progress computations (used for generation of engineering "S" Curves) etc. Further - the complete data and information will be available in the central repository with access control and audit-trails that can be used as evidence at the end of the project for any claim or counter-claim situation.
  3. Save Money by confidently using the latest drawings for review, construction and fabrication - The moment transmittal is done of documents/drawings, all the previous revisions of those drawings/documents that has been previously send to the agency are superceded. This ensures that any agency involved in the review or usage of transmitted drawings/documents uses the latest version of the document/drawings for their respective purpose. Further - tBits CollabWrite offers functionality to validate from hard-copy of documents if they are latest or superceded using mobile phones that sighnificantly reduces the overall risk associated with usage of superceded drawings / documents in the project and associated consequential damages.