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DC - Case Study

Benefits of RoBOTic Document Controller Assistants

RoBOTic Document Control Assistant(RDCA) - Powered by DC-Assist Technology - improves the productivity of the Human Document Controllers by automating the processes associated with Quality Checks and Records Management in Document Control. 

Automation of Quality Control

RDCA automatically can perform the various tasks associated with Quality Check of Deliverables as 

  1. Validation of Document Numbers (Vendor, Owner, Contractor etc)
  2. Validation of Revision Series followed in Projects.
  3. Validation of Correct Decision Stamps being put at vacant spaces in Drawings.
  4. Validation of Cover-Sheets of Documents 
  5. Validation of Title Blocks with respect to Title Block Specifications for the project.
  6. Validation of Borders used in the drawings.

Automation of Records Management Aspects in Document Control Systems

  1. Validation of information metioned in Document Transmittal Notes and the files that has been electronically received.
  2. Validation of information contained in drawings/documents with respect to deliverable history, supplier deliverable register etc.
  3. Automatic dispatch of information along with Document Transmittal Notes and Email Notifications.
  4. Automatic creation of acknowledgement notes and their dispatch to counterparts for incoming documents. 
  5. Automatic Updation of the Project Deliverables and push them to internal reviewing agencies.
  6. Automatic Reminders and Escalations - in compliance with organisational business rules. 
  7. Automatic creation and dispatch of MIS Reports as Look-Ahead, Overdue, Physical Progress, Delay Analysis to project stakeholders on scheduled frequency via emails. 

By automating some of the most time consuming and repetitive activities associated with the document control business, the system is able to drastically improve the productivity of the human document controllers that has to be manage the exceptions that can't be handled by the RoBOTic Document Control Assistants.

Please see the case studies for the results and performance of RoBOTic Document Control Assistants in real projects. 

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