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Human Document Controller hand guiding digital document controller robot hand

DC-Assist Overview

A human document controller spends on average 70% of their time in validating and updating records. This time - which is spent by the document controller - in validating the received documents is repetitive and if automated, it can substantially reduce the work of human document controller - allowing him to focus more on more critical and value additive activities in the project as expediting, reporting, issue resolution & focus on methodologies and processes for improving quality, productvity and reducing risk etc.

RoBOTic Document Control Assistant (RDCA) - powered by Pioneering DC-Assist Technology - is a step in the direction of assisting the human document controllers by software that automates many of the steps that are part of the document controller job description and document controller responsibilities. Conceptually - the working of the RoBOTic Document Control Assistant software expert system can be depicted as follows:

Conceptual Overview of the working of RoBOTic Document Control Assistant (RDCA) - Powered by DC-Assist Technology

In essence, a RoBOTic Document Control Assistant is a software expert system that automates the repetitive tasks involved document quality control / document control business process - allowing the human document controllers to focus on exception handling, issue resolution & expediting documents and other more value additive tasks. 

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