Master Document List (MDL)

Master Document List (MDL) (also referred as Document Control Index, Master List Of Documents, Supplier Master Document List, Master Deliverable List, Supplier Document Schedule- At the start of the project - the contractor who is responsible for the engineering of a package - has to submit the list of drawings to the Owner. The said list of drawings needs to be reviewed by the owners consultant or the owner for completeness with respect to the their objectives (as compliance with the contract terms etc). The said list is usually referred as the master document list

Some people will also refer the same as the also referred as Document Control Index or Master List Of Documents or Supplier Master Document List or Master Deliverable List

The Master document list is a very important document for the project as depending upon the performance of the vendor in Engineering, the fate of the other project phases as Procurement and Construction are dependent. The Master Document List normally will have the following information contained in the same:

  1. Title
  2. Vendor Document Number
  3. Owner Document Number
  4. Supplier Document Number
  5. Planned Date of Submission
  6. Discipline and other meta data as sub-area code as required for document number generation.
  7. If the document is for approval or for information.
  8. Weight-age of the document for usage in physical progress monitoring of the document. 


tBits CollabWrie Document Control Module enables the tracking of all the deliverable in the master document list from planning to As-Built including catering to the collaboration requirements for interchange of the documents, review etc between the vendors, contractors, owners and consulting engineers.