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maven services

Managed Installations 'Maven' Services

Aimed at resolving the document control issues frequently encountered in execution of large scale infrastructure projects, TransBit Technologies has started a dedicated practice for excellence in document control.

Under the tBits Maven, Transbit Technologies, undertakes the complete review of existing document control work procedures & practices of clients from Contract Award to Project Decommissioning

The Document Control Services includes:

Creation of appropriate document control setup with the following objectives:

For a contractor – who has a net margin or about 5-7% of contract value, additional 1-2% translates into additional profit of about 15 to 30% and TransBit Technologies precisely assists the Owner, Contractors and Engineers in achieving the above objective.

  1. Contract Compliance – particularly to the engineering control and coordination procedures as stated in the contracts.
  2. Risk Reduction – Practices to ensure that all parties have access to the correct document with the ability to validate them conveniently and automatically to ensure that the correct drawings is always used in construction & fabrication.
  3. Value Engineering – Document Control approximately takes about 8% of total engineering hours and about 5% of the total engineering budget. Though the value in terms of overall project is low, the consequential impact of the profession is extremely high as almost 1-2% of the total project value is taken up in corrections of mistakes many of which are due to inappropriate document control.
  4. Document Control Start up Services - To ensure that the document control team gains confidence, TransBit Technologies also provides document control software start-up operations services till the process of document control stabilizes and client’s Document Control team over.

As a part of Maven Services Program of Excellence in Document Control, the experts from TransBit Technologies partner with the client in providing the services related to 

  1. Finalization of Contract Coordination Procedures
  2. Finalization of title-blocks for drawings
  3. Finalization of cover sheet formats for documents
  4. Finalization of Supplier Deliverable Schedules - including numbering systems, standards for physical progress computation, deliverable schedules etc.
  5. Configuration of internal & external review Workflows in tBits CollabWrite.
  6. Operations of the system along with the client time - for management of out-going & incoming deliverables. 
  7. Automated generation of Management Information Reports as per scheduled frequency. 
  8. Assist the client expediting team in follow-up of deliverable and resolving issues with the vendors & consultants related to the deliverable management including reconciliation of SDS's of owner and vendors and differences there-off.
  9. Validation of Documents Status aspects in the Monthly Progress Reports as submitted by vendors.
  10. Project Close-Out including Handover of As-Built deliverable including in Native File Formats and archival of softcopies of documents/drawings for future reuse.

Our Document Control Professionals will ensure the compliance with the existing standards as set for the project while improving productivity and reducing overall cost of operations for our customers.

Our pioneering DC-Assist Technology goes a long way in achieving the above objective for our clients.