Legal Validity of Emails in India

Legal Validity of Emails in India - Under the Information Technology Act of 2000 of India and further amendment in 2008, The electronic records including the emails can be used as an evidence under the the Indian Evidence Act, 1872, the Civil Procedure Code and the Criminal Procedure Code.  

In the amendment of the IT Act in 2008, a lot of emphasis was laid on the concept of digital signature using the public key and private key encryption to acertain the authenticity of the information transacted electronically. Under the above it is difficult to acertain if the plain text email which can be manipulated easily can be used as evidence in the Indian Courts. 

However, a correspondence, which is a file and in which the file hash information is conveyed as well as can be acertained if there is a manipulation, then it can beyond doubt be acertained as an evidence in the Indian Evidence Act.

To comply with the above, the tBits CollabWrite Correspondence Module - along with generation of the plain text formats which can be read easily in mobile devices, also generate a PDF file which can't be manipulated and sends along with the email both the PDF attachment as well as its cryptography information and will qualify as evidence under the Indian evidence act of 1872.