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How to ensure that latest drawing is used for Construction or Fabrication?

How to ensure that latest drawing is used for Construction or Fabrication?

The entire objective of discipline of document control is to ensure that the latest drawing is used for fabrication or construction. Even in today’s digital world – where the software are used for document management & Control, the work at field primarily happens on Hard copy (Paper Printed Copy).

How to ensure that the hardcopy that you are using is the latest? The hard  copy that is with you, certainly tells you about its history – in terms of changes, revisions, dates associated with the same in the title block. However it is not possible for the said hardcopy to tell you about its future revisions – which happened after it was released.

One possible method to overcome the problems – is to call the document control department to check if the file revision with you is what is the latest has been received by you or else – you can go into the software for document control in your organisation and search for the same.

The above methodology ensures that the file that you are using is correct - subject to document controllers not missing any data entry or making manual error.

But what if the parent organisation has sent the file - which was perhaps skipped the attention of your document controller - given that they deal with very large amount of files and data every day?

What if the document itself can tell you about its future as well - without having to contact document controllers?

tBits CollabWrite solves the above problem by ensuring that the document that is released for construction or fabrication have codes and patterns embedded on the document that can be read by your mobile phone.

So - If you have a mobile phone with a GPRS Connection - scan the code/pattern and you get the latest information on your mobile - without depending upon any body from the tBits server directly.


  1. Convenience – mobile is always with you – desktops / laptops are there in offices.
  2. Works seamlessly well on hardcopies and NOT only on softcopies.
  3. Supports all Mobile Operating Systems - Works well with ALL mobile phone operating systems  – iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian etc.
  4. Flawless – even if there is a very low possibility of errors happening between the document control departments of sending and receiving organisations, the possibility of the same is eliminated – as long as the document has been released by the originating organisation.
  5. Efficient across the complete project execution chain – If you have forwarded by email the document to your sub-vendor – even he can identify if the document is the latest using his mobile phone – with the need of access to your sophisticated enterprise-wide document control softwares.