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Issue & Task Management

In every project and in every organization, there are several tasks that needs to be done to accomplish the said business objectives. Many of the tasks are routine process driven and are very widely automated with checks & balances using Software Tools as ERP, Workflow Systems etc.

However, there are always additional requests, tasks, queries etc that needs to be resolved in an organization using the assistance and information gathering from several people and departments. This type of work normally happens via emails by forwarding the emails to the concerned people.

There are inherent drawbacks of managing these issues by emails as follows:

  1. Emails are too many and people loose track.
  2. No Reminders etc are given to the people who have either assigned the tasks or to whom the tasks have been assigned.
  3. No escalations are performed in case there is a Turn Around Time failure.
  4. No evaluation is possible about the performance of the people who were assigned the tasks.

There are however certain advantages of using the emails:

  1. Emails are used for communication with anyone in the world and not just for issues and consequently the person is almost always available on emails.
  2. The emails can be accessed on mobile phone enabling mobility.
  3. The emails are very convenient to use with minimalistic features.

tBits CollabWrite Issue tracking module – eliminates the drawbacks of the emails associated with decentralization of data  as tracking them, sending reminders, applying business rules as escalations etc while maintaining the convenience of email system as initiating the issue from email clients and responding to the issues from email clients as well.

Benefits of tBits for Issue Tracking

  1. Track all issues while they are assigned from one person to another for resolution.
  2. Automated Reminders and Escalation for ensuring that work happens as per agreed Turn-Around-Time constraints and service delivery methods.
  3. Automated Push MIS Reporting for measuring performance and improvement areas.
  4. Convenience of email clients for initiation and responding to the issues.
  5. Drastic Reduction in Follow-Ups using to more productive use of people and time.