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Webservices for integration with Enterprise systems

Integration with other enterprise wide systems is imperative for on-premise installations for large customers. tBits has a complete REST Based API offering a set of web-services for application developers to fetch and put data from/to tBits CollabWrite document management software.

There are a large number of connectors that are available out of box for integrations with

  1. Mailing systems (MS Exchange, Lotus Notes)
  2. Authentication Software / Identity Management Applications (Microsoft Active Directory, Local Directory Access Protocol (LDAP))
  3. ERP Softwares (SAP, Oracle ERP)
  4. Enterprise Content Management/Repository Software (MS SharePoint, Documentum, SAP DMS)
  5. Project Planning Softwares (MS Project, Primavera)
  6. tBits CollabWrite offers a complete set of API’s along with documentation for them to develop their own integration. tBits Services can also be availed for designing and implementing new connectors with other applications.