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Field Design Change Note, Engineering Change Request , Engineering Change Order , Engineering Change Notice , Engineering Change Proposal

Field Design Change Note

Field Design Change Note (FDCN, also referred as Engineering Change Request, Engineering Change Order, Engineering Change Notice, Engineering Change Proposal) - After the Engineering Document / Drawings / Deliverable has been approved by the owner as "Good For Construction (GFC) or Release for Construction (RFC)", depending upon the site conditions and constraints, there may be several changes that may have to be done on the drawing that has been Released for Construction or Good for Construction. These changes in the drawings are referred as "Field Design Change Notes". Sometimes - in certain firms - these are also referred as  Engineering Change Request Or Engineering Change Order Or Engineering Change Notice Or Engineering Change Proposal.

In most of the cases, the changes are very minor and doesn't need the approval of the engineers or design department. However, there may be instances where the changes are major and for such changes, there may be financial or/and schedule related implications. 

In such cases, the field design change notes are initiated and upon the approval of the related stakeholders on site as Construction Head etc - are released to the customer or Engineering Office for their comments. Once the engineering has also validated the field design change note - the changes can be made in the required drawings and again released to the site. If the changes has commercial or schedule implications - it may also result into a Scope Change Order or an Extension of Time Request upon which the decision may be required from the owner.