Design Change Note, Engineering Change Note, Engineering Change Notice

Design Change Note - also referred as "Engineering Change Note", "Engineering Change Notice"

Design Change Note - It is a process of proposing a change in the already accepted design. The Design change normally are proposed by someone who has different views of the existing design. The design chyange note - also sometimes referred as Engineering Change Note - comprises of

  • What needs to change.
  • What are the reasons for change.
  • What are the various documents which are to be affected by the change in design.
  • What are the Cost & Time implications of the change.
  • Approval Process for the review and authorization of change.

Once the changes have been approved, the changes may also have to be communicated to the other stakeholders who are affected by the change. It may also imply that the already approved engineering drawings may need to be re-reiewed and re-approved.

A sample template for the Engineering Design Change Note can be found here.