Electronic Transmittal, Electronic Transmittal Letter, Electronic Letter of Transmittal

Electronic Transmittal (also referred as Electronic Transmittal Letter, Electronic Letter of Transmittal)- In an EPC Project, when ever a document is transacted between the parties or between the offices, the documents may be accompanies with a cover sheet that details the contents of the package. The coversheet is normally referred as a Document Transmittal Note

In the earlier days of paper based drawings, the document transmittal notes were printed and accompanies the drawings & documents that were transmitted from one location to another. With the advent of the electronic interchange of drawings, the document transmittal have also changed from manual document transmittal to electnonic document transmittal - which is nothing but the electronic copy of the same transmittal letters generated usually as an electronic file.

All other standards as are expected of the transmittal letters as unique numbers, date time, signatures are usually adhered to in electronic transmittal letters. 

tBits CollabWrite is able to generate electronic transmittal and these transmittal can be configured as per the requirements of the projects.The system automatically also encloses the transmitted files along with the electronic transmittal and can send all of these enclosed in an email to the concerned users. The attachments can be either sent as attachments in the email or can be enclosed links. The links can be enabled for automatic anonymous download so that the users getting the emails can forward the same email to other project collaborators.