Drawing Management Software

Drawing Management Software - Drawings Management software refers to a class of document management systems which has special features that are requred for managing very large files, ability to create electronic transmittals, track the drawings during the multi-disciplinary reviews (SQUAD Checks) and external reviews etc.All the other features as associated with the document management softwares is also available as version control, revision control, indexing & searching, ability to tag drawings or provide metadata associated with the same, Role Based Access Control, Archival Retirval etc.tBits collabwrite is an enterprise class drawing management software that is used by thousands of users every day to manage their project data. The software has all the features as associated with the document management systems and can perform all the operations as associated with the document control - in complete electronic manner. Overall the tBits assists you in the following manner in the Drawing Management:

  1. Creation of the drawings as per the master document lists
  2. Managing the input data incase of brownfield projects.
  3. Performing the squad checks on the drawings.
  4. Automatically putting the approval stamps as per the client requirements on the drawings.
  5. Electronic Transmittal of the drawings
  6. Secure online web-access to all the parties to the drawings of their interest.
  7. Automatic validation of the data contained in the titleblocks of drawings with respect to the metadata as Document Number, Title, Revision etc.