Documents Redlining Software

For Redlining - Please see the definition and details in the section for Redling

Documents Redlining Software - The software that are used for Redlining - are referred as document redlining softwares. Usually the visualisation softwares as Autovue / Brava etc are what are referred also as redlining softwares. The redlining or markup or annotation etc can also be done in native formats and all the standard softwares give the review capability including - Abode Reader X onwards, Adobe Acrobat Standard, Adobe Acorbat Professional, MS Word etc.

As most of the during formats are interchanged as PDF files during the document review and approval stage, the redlining is mostly done on the PDF files using the various utilities available. From Adobe Reader - 11 onwards, the commenting abilities, annotation abilities as offered in the Reader Software that is freely available have been substantially increased to all possible options that were earlier available only in PAID Adobe Acrobat Standard and Professional Versions.

Depending upon the purpose of the redlining and the usage of the types of file formats - the users can opt the most convenient methodology for redlining. Normally - in EPC industry - PDF based redlining is done using the tools as made available by Acrobat Reader/Standard/Professional versions. The usage of visualization applications is much higher in Product Lifecycle Management Industry (PLM).