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Document Submission Codes

Document Submission Codes - In a document transmittal letter, usually - there are a set of codes that are used to specify the purpose of the submission of the document to the said agency. Such set of codes that denote the intended usage of the document by the recipient agency is referred as Submission Codes. 

The types of codes that are usual in the industry include,

  • Issued For Approval
  • Issued For Information
  • Issued For Construction
  • Issued For Fabrication,
  • As-Built
  • Issued For Preliminary Concept
  • Issued For Tender 

tBits Document Control Module generate the Document Transmittal Letters complying to the organisational standards including the compliance with the Submission Codes & decision codes (the codes that are used by the recipient agency while returning the document back to the originator giving their decision on the document as Approved, Received for Information, etc).