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Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power Plants are thermal power plants where the source of thermal energy is Nuclear Fission and hence there is a great similarity between the thermal power plant and nuclear power plant project execution. The differences emanate from the difference in fuel used – Thermal Power plants burning fossil fuel needs to have bulk material handling equipment along with transportation and logistics required for managing the bulk materials as Coal, Fly Ash etc.

Nuclear Power however reduces the bulk material handling but introduces another dimension of managing the nuclear fuels including the spent nuclear fuels.

There are large nuclear power projects being executed across the world even though there is a debate on the safety of such plants.

The construction of nuclear power plants involve integration of various systems that are usually procured using the Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) package methodology.

Usually – Reactor, Steam Generator, Generator, Cooling Systems, Safety systems, Feedwater Pump, Emergency Power Systems etc – as are required in the Nuclear Power Plants are purchased using the EPC Methodology.

tBits CollabWrite – over the life cycle of the Engineering, Procurement & Construction projects in Industrial Infrastructure development – assists by performing the following functions:

tBits Modules used across the project phases

  1. Correspondence Management
  2. Minutes of Meeting Management
  3. Issue & Task Management
tBits usage in Engineering Phase:
  • Document Control– Management of Basic Engineering documents
  • Tender Documents - including Technical & Commercial Evaluation of Bids
  • Detailed Engineering Documents – Till Good for Construction / Release for construction and till As-Built.
  • Uncontrolled DocumentsSite photographs, Monthly Reports, Adhoc documents etc
  • Modules for documents for C&I.
tBits usage in Procurement Phase
  • Quality Process Automation & collaboration between the Vendors, Third Party Inspection Agencies & Owners including:
  • Inspection Calls Management between Vendor, Contractor, Third Party inspection Agencies and Owner till the release of Material Dispatch Clearance Certificates Generation.
  • Logistics Management
  • Site inspections
  • Material Tracking until reconciliation of material to be handed over to Owner at the end of the project as per contract.
tBits usage in Construction Phase:

Collaboration between Site Office, Project Execution Office & Project Engineering Offices.

Post Project Execution Usage