Document Control Software

Document Control Software - Document Control Software are specialized software that automate most of the aspects associated with the document control process. tBits CollabWrite is a leading web-based document control software that can:

  1. Manage the complete life cycle of the document from Planning to As-built.
  2. Assist in the Engineering Review Workflow automation - including the Squad checks.
  3. automatically generate and/or validate the document numbers, revision series as applicable to the projects.
  4. Automatically generate the coversheets in the formats as required by the Owners.
  5. Automatically put the decision stamp on the drawings at the places when they mask minimum data.
  6. Automatically create document transmittal notes as per the project standards - including formats, protocols etc.
  7. Automatically create all the Look-Ahead, Overdue, Document Control Index Reports and even email them to the concerned people as per agreed schedule.
  8. Automatically performs the QC checks on the incoming emails and documents that are attached with the same with regards to Title Block Data.
  9. Semi-automatically (in assistance with the document controllers) inwards the documents.
  10. Automatically generates the acknowledgement notes and send the same to the owners confirming the receipt of the documents & decision codes given.

tBits CollabWrite complies with the ISO standards as follows:

  • ISO 15489-1:2001: Information and documentation -- Records management
  • ISO 12006-2:2001: Building construction -- Organization of information about construction works -- Part 2: Framework for classification of information
  • ISO 22263:2008 :Organization of information about construction works -- Framework for management of project information
  • ISO 82045-5:2005:Document management -- Part 5: Application of metadata for the construction and facility management sector 

tBits CollabWrite is a completely web-based online document control software that can be taken up by one agency and access can be given to all participating agencies free-of-charge to ensure that most of the people can take maximum benefit out of the system. All the users of the system access the application using their internet with no restriction on the number of transactions and/or attachment size limits in the web-based document control software tBits CollabWrite.

tBits team adopts the agile project execution philosophy to ensure that you are up and running with your project in the minimum possible.The application has all the features as are required for the document management and document control for mega projects inbuilt and readily available for the teams to be up and running in the minimum possible time.