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Dashboard Reports

Dashboards offer a convenient method for the top management to gain insights about the performance of the various key area's of their projects in a single glance. 

tBits CollabWrite document control system offers configurable Dashboards with Role Based Access Controls providing real-time information - including Pivot Tables, Line Charts, Bar Charts, Progress 'S' Curves etc - to the business managers about the parameters of their choice.  

The key features that are available in tBits Management Dashboards include:

  1. Real-Time with automatic data refresh capability.
  2. Configurable with Drag & Drop Functionality on user interface.
  3. Role Based Access Controlled.
  4. Interactive - with drill-down capabilities.
  5. Fetch Data from various data sources for creation of the aggregate management Reports.
  6. Define Triggers - allows the business users to define the parameters which when breached - will automatically send the emails to them along with the report snapshot. 
  7. Mobility Compatible - can be viewed from mobile devices and their browsers.

tBits CollabWrite Dashboard capabilities allowed the business users to get a realtime pulse of their project including the pain area's and enable them to take corrective actions for course correction of their projects and are widely appreciated by the top-management.