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Actionable Realtime Management Information System Reports

The objective of any enterprise-wide data driven system is to ensure that actionable MIS Reports are available on real-time data for managers and directors to take corrective actions.

tBits CollabWrite document control software comes along with a complete enterprise-class Reporting Engine that is able to extract the data from various data sources as SQL Databases (MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL etc), Object Oriented Databases, Scripted Data Sources etc simultaneously and transformed the data as per business rules to deliver results as per the format required by management.

The tBits Reporting Engine comes along with a Report Designer - using which the Report layout (Header, Footer, Tables, Charts, Orientations, Captions etc) can designed.

Benefits of the tBits Reporting Engine

  1. Create/Modify Reports as per your Project Requirements - Any type of Report layout that is required by the management can be made and modified at any point of time. The reports may consist of charts, lists, Multi-dimensional Pivot Tables (Crosstabs) etc.
  2. Create Integrated Reports from several datasources for your top management - The reports can fetch data from various data sources and show an integrated single reports as is generally required by the management. Example - you may want to present an integrated report containing the Project Planning information from Project Planning software Vs the actual performance which is being tracked in tBits and the above can be easily done.
  3. Schedule the reports for automatic emails - The reports can be scheduled for automatic execution and circulation to the management as per the preferences. Example - if you want to have an overdue and look ahead reports to be circulated via email to the complete project team before the weekly project review meetings - say on Monday at 9:00 AM. in PDF format.
  4. Export the Reports to various formats - The reports can be exported to any standard format as MS Excel, PDF, Post Script, MS Powerpoint, MS Word, Open Document formats etc.
  5. Parameterise Reports and Reuse Template - A modern project may comprise of hundreds of vendors. Assume that our project comprise of 100 vendors then if we have to create an overdue report for them, we don't have to create 100 report templates - we simply need to create a parameter for vendor and have one report template do needful for all the vendors making manageability of the system much easier.