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Document Control Software,Document Control Services,Document Control Solutions,RoBOTic Document Control Assistants

tBits CollabWrite - Document Control Software & Services for Project Industry

tBits CollabWrite is a leading Records Management Application specializing in Records Management for Mega Engineering Projects in Energy, Resources, Industrial Infrastructure & Infrastructure Industries. The application provides solutions encompassing the complete life cycle of the Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) Projects including Generation & Management of Records such as :

  1. Engineering Documents & Drawings
  2. Project Correspondence
  3. Minutes of Meetings / Action Item Tracking
  4. Inspection Call Management
  5. Expediting / Material Management
  6. Field Design Change notes
  7. Technical Queries
  8. Site Instructions
  9. Punch lists
  10. Safety Management

tBits CollabWrite Suite Offerings:

tBits CollabWrite – a document control suite specifically for the Projects Industry & is available in both Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) and On-Premise Options suitable for deployment on cloud infratructure.

RoBOTic Document Control Assistants -  RoBOTIc Document Control Assistants complement the Human Document Control Professionals by automating Data Entry and Document Quality Control related aspects associated in Document Control Profession. The RoBOTic Document Control Assistants can reduce upto 60% of work-load of Human Document Control Professionals .

tBits Maven - is a service offering aimed at providing outsourced turnkey Document Control Management Services to project teams on FIXED MONTHLY PRICE BASIS. Under the tBits Maven Offering - the firm provides all the necessary software, hardware and operational services for successful document control operations to our clients.