Document Control Process

Document Control Process

Document Control Process - Document Control essentially refers to an organised method for creation, reviewing, publishing and releasing the document to the concerned stakeholders by ensuring compliance to Quality standards.Specifically in the context of Engineering Document Control that is required between the Owner and Contractor, document control essentially refers to

  1. Planned creation of the document (Using the Master Document List as Basis with specified timeline constraints)
  2. Meticulous review of documents across several disciplines (also referred as Squad Checks or interdisciplinary reviews)
  3. Releasing the document to the other agencies involved in the project using the Document Transmittal Notes that give the release transaction a unique reference number which can be tracked
  4. Sending the transmittal by appropriate method complying to the Project Protocols and project workflows.
  5. Getting back the acknowledgement of the receipt of the transmitted information.
  6. Generation of the reports to proactively identify the places where the delay is happening and expediting.
  7. Quality Control on the documents as Document Numbering Systems (Of the Owner, Vendor, Contractor etc), Changes in the Revision, Generation of the Cover-sheets containing the details as required by the Owners, Putting the Review Stamps on the drawings that are being submitted  for review and ensuring compliance with document Transmittal note numbering system, project protocols etc.

The complete process - Primarily involving the steps as specified above is generally referred as document control. There are several ISO standards that refer to the processes as specified above. They are:

  • ISO 15489-1:2001: Information and documentation -- Records management
  • ISO 12006-2:2001: Building construction -- Organization of
    information about construction works -- Part 2: Framework for
    classification of information
  • ISO 22263:2008 :Organization of information about construction works -- Framework for management of project information
  • ISO 82045-5:2005:Document management -- Part 5: Application of metadata for the construction and facility management sector 

tBits CollabWrite and Document Control

tBits CollabWite satisfies all the needs for the automation of the document control process in the organizations - particularly those working in Engineering and Projects Domain. It also automates most of the things leading to enormous increase in the productivity of the Document Controllers.

An example of Engineering Document Coordination Monitoring and Control Process can be found here.