Engineering Coordination Procedure, Procedure for Engineering Document Control and Coordination

Engineering Coordination Procedure - At the state of the project, the participating agencies as Contractors, Vendors, Design Consultants and Owner, formulate a set of rules via which the project will be coordinated in between the various agencies. The coordination procedure includes 

  1. The details of the project team from both the sides including the contact information.
  2. The Protocols for communication between the parties for the various types of issues.
  3. The methods of documentation and information interchange between the parties.A sample of the project workflow diagram section of Engineering Coordination Monitoring and Control Procedure can be found here
  4. Information about the standards to be followed in the project - including the title-blocks, project plans, document numbering / drawing numbering systems, correspondence numbering systems, formats of the reports to be submitted and their desired frequency, procedures for review meetings, etc.

The Coordination Procedure is a very critical document for project management as communication between the parties is usually regarded as a topmost reason for the failure of projects in various studies.