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A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z
A -- AEC, Action Items, Annotations, Approval Codes, Approval Process, Arbitration, As-Built, Authoring Application , Approved for Construction , Archive
B -- Basic Engineering Documents, Batch Production Process, Brownfield, Building Information Modeling , Bill of Quantity(BoQ) / Bill of Materials (BoM) , Bill of Lading
C -- Checkin/Checkout, Claim, Clarification Request, Comment Resolution Sheet, Commercial Evaluation of Bids, Commissioning, Commit, Controlled Document, Correspondence, Correspondence Refrence
D -- Daily Progress Report, Design Change Note, Detailed Engineering, Deviation Request,Diff, Document Control Index, Document Control Process, Document Control Software, Document Number Methods, Document Transmittal Note, Document Redlining Software, Document Management Software, Drawing Register, Document Types, Decision Codes
E -- Electronic Transmittal, Engineering Coordination Procedure
F-- Field Assessment Test, Field Design Change Note, Field Quality Assurance Plan, Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) 
G -- Guideline , Geotechnical Report , General Correspondence
H -- 
I -- Input Document, Inspection Call, Inspection Release Note, Inter-disciplinary , Invoice , Inspection Certificate , Issued for Construction, Issued For Approval, Issued For Information, Issued For Quotation, Issued for Tender, Issued for Review
K --
L --Legal Validity of Email, Lock, Look Ahead Report
M-- Master Document List, Material Dispatch Clearance Certificate, Monthly Progress Report
N-- Non-Acceptance Note , Non Conformance Report
O --Overdue Report
P -- Package, Pre-Dispatch Inspection, Progress Monitoring, Progress Report, Punch List
Q -- Quality Check/Quality Assurance, Quality Assurance Plan (QAP)
R -- Redlining, Release for construction, Release for fabrication, Request for Information (RFI)
S -- Scope Change Order, Submission Codes, Superseding Documents , Supplier Document Register, Site Instructions (SI)
T --Technical Evalution, Technical Query , Transmittal
U -- Un-controlled Documents
V -- Vendor Engineering ,  Vendor Document Register , Version Control, Variation Order Request
W -- Weekly Progress ReportWork Flow
X --
Y --
Z --




IFR - Issue for Review
IFI - Issue for Information
AFC - Approved for Construction
VDR - Vendor Document Register
SDR - Supplier Document Register
SDS - supplier Document Schedule
SDDM - Supplier Document Distribution Matrix

I will come up with more terms next time

We are looking for some more words/suggestion from your side

how do I enter the contest?

You can enter the contest , by suggesting keywords which can be readily used in the Document Control Industry and has not been updated by us!!

BOM - Bill of materials
O - On Hold
SMDL - Supplir Master Document List
SDL - Supplier Document List
PO - Purchase Order

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