Diff or Difference Between Engineering Documents

Diff - Diff is a short form of Difference. Normally the term is used in the context of document management to specify the difference between the files. As the file formats that are used in are both scaler and vector formats - getting a diff from scaler fomats as text, MS Office etc is easy. The challenge lies in the diff for vector format as DWG, DGN etc and the challenge is essentially in visualisation of the diff for humans (its very easy to perform a binary diff of the file - any format).For the visualization of the diff, for all the Microsoft application - tBits shows the diff in the relevant Microsoft application. For Example - if you do a diff between the 2 versions of the .dox or docx file - the difference is shown in the MS Word in the track-mode changes.For the vector formats - as dwg/dgn/pdf etc - they are first converted into an image and then a pixal by pixal difference is what is to shown to the user on the images. Please note - there are drawbacks of the above method as if the origination of the drawings is a little misplaced - then every thing is a DIFF. tBits CollabWrite enables you perform the diff and visualise it for most of the commonly used file formats in the project