Deviation Request

Deviation Request - Once the document has achieved the milestone of the "Released for Construction" or "Released for Fabrication", there are changes that may happen on the project site. Normally these are minor changes in the alignments etc which are due to the constraints as imposed by the project site and other activities that might not have been envisaged at the time of detailed engineering. For all such changes, the site may issue a deviation request, also sometimes referred as "Field Design Change Note".The field design change note or deviation requests comprises of the following:

  1. The proposed change
  2. Reason for the proposed change.
  3. What are the various documents that will be affected by the change.
  4. Does the change require complete design review?
  5. Does the change have cost & time implications?
  6. The complete analysis of the change as well as its review for the subject matter experts or designers is done to ensure that the change will NOT affect the performance of the structure or the system.

Usually - the initiator of the Deviation Request - gives the complete details about the intended change. The change proposed may be discussed between the engineering, site and project execution departments to estimate the time and financial implications of the change, it may also under go an approval to the site head level, before being released to the customer.

The customers team again will review the request for deviation and associated time and commercial implication - before deciding on the next course of action. Deviation requests may also lead to a scope change order under which the scope of the work of the contractor may change and may have cost and time implications / requirement of additional compensation.

Usually - each project may have different formats for the deviation request forms, a sample of the deviation request form can be found here.