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Deployment Services

Deployment of an enterprise-wide application requires a substantial effort – particularly in ensuring that the new application becomes a part of the existing organizational landscape.

Some of the common questions that needs to be answered while considering the deployment of enterprise-wide application as tBits are as follows:

  1. Am I ready for the deployment of enterprise-wide application? What is the most optimile structure of deployment of such application for me?
  2. What changes in my existing work processes will happen with the introduction of new application?
  3. What will be the other application with which the new application will interface?
  4. Are the connectors available for interfacing with the required application or will the same will need to be developed? If Developed – by whom?
  5. What will happen to my existing data? Will the same be imported into the new application?
  6. How do we go about managing the current projects which are in the various stages of implementation?
  7. What will happen to Post-go-Live support?
  8. What checks and balances are required for ensuring that the application deployed becomes a sustainable part of my overall business processes?

The above questions are common that any CXO Level office will ask before taking a decision on deployment of a new application internally into the organization.

To answer the above and other questions that you may have, We need to provide additional services as :

  • Consulting Services
  • Deployment & Project Execution Services
  • Post Deployment Sustenance services

Consulting Services

tBits team provides various type of consulting services including:

  1. Creation of Business Case for the deployment of enterprise-wide application for document control and project records management.
  2. business processes associated with Document Control & Projects Records Management including Change Management.
  3. Creation of Project Execution Plans for deployment of enterprise-wide products.
  4. Creation of application sustenance plans for enterprise-wide products.

For any other additional requirement that you may have related to the deployment of enterprise-wide products, tBits team offer consultants with varied degree to industry experience to meet your business objectives.

Project Execution Services

tBits team provide the complete spectrum of services required for the successful sustenance execution of your document control projects. The project deployment services include:

  1. Project Execution complying to the standard practices of project management as listed under the PMI. While following the philosophy of project execution, the project team complies with all the requirements as
    • Specification Creation & Specifications Sign-Off
    • Deployment Project Execution Plan Finalization.
    • Definition of interfaces with other applicationsor enterprise-wide systems for seamless data flow between the applications.
    • Deployment of application in conformance with agreed specifications.
    • User Acceptance Tests and results.
    • Training & change Management.
    • Go-Live and Instituionalisation of post-golive support.
  2. The deployment will include the configuration and customization of the application as per the standard needs of your Project [Yes – We understand that each project is unique and one size fit all philosophy doesn’t work with projects] – including changes in the Document Transmittal Templates, Report Output formats, Project Workflows, Project Rules - numbering systems, protocols, notifications by emails etc.
  3. One of the aspects in any enterprise-wide application is that there is always some historical data – which needs to be imported once the configuration is completed. tBits team offers utomated historical data import computer programs that are able to import the data that is scattered  in your network drives, Excel Spreadsheets and/or other enterprise-wide systems.
  4. Post Golive support for your administrators to smoothly take over the operations.

Custom Development Services

As a part of complete enterprise, tBits team understands that there are scenarios where our application needs to be extended to meet to the requirements of other enterprise-wide application. tBits team offers the complete Software-Life-Cycle capabilities for product development and enhancements.

As an application, tBits comes with the following connectors

  • Email Connectors
  • ERP Connectors
  • LDAP/AD Connectors
  • DMS Connectors
  • Project Planning Software Connectors
  • Operating System Connectors – For offline availability of data as what is available in the centralized repository.

Sustenance Services

We understand the need and importance of product support and after sales services. Keeping this in mind we have a placed a dedicated team who offers product support as and when required by our clients.

Unlimited User Training: Training is given to all the users, including the vendor-users also. Further there is a separate training, admin-training given to the pre-defined people who will be responsible for the administration and services of the product. Further in the event of escalation of issues they will be the focal point of contact. 

Technical support 24x7: For any technical support, we have a dedicated team. In this there are two methods of support, Online support: Call support for minor issues.

  • Call support for minor issues
  • Taking control of the machine via applications such as Teamviewer for more severe issues.

Onsite support: If in the event of the issue not being resolved via the above procedure then one of our services personal’s will be sent to your office for troubleshooting. 

Specialist consultant services: Since most of the issues with any new system arises during the initial implementation phase, we have a dedicated team who will help you during the entire implementation team. However after the Go Live of the system, we also provide a specialist consultant services during the initial stages for any troubleshooting. 

System Upgrades: From the date of the Go-Live, for the next one year, any upgrades released for the system will be provide free of cost to the clients. 

 Online Product help available: In case of any general queries and doubts, we have a set of FAQ’s available at our website pertaining to most of the basic issues that initial users of product have.