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Correspondence - Letters as used by Projects Industry

Correspondence - Letters for the Projects Industry

Correspondence - Correspondence refers to letters. Its a written method of communication and is widely used. In Project, Correspondences has immense importance as most of exception handling (decision making when the things doesn't go as per the plan) between the agencies is done using correspondences. The correspondences are used for seeking clarifications and communicating decisions. 

As its a written medium of communication, it also serves as evidence which can be used in Arbitration or Legal Proceedings. As the value of correspondences as evidence is huge, all the correspondences that are issued or received by an organisation is usually identified by a unique number. Hence in earlier project offices, there used to an inward and outward correspondence registers. 

The projects still - given the importance of correspondences being used as evidence, have a very organised method of communicating between the parties - which includes project protocols, methodology of number of correspondences, rules of who is authorized to write on which type of issues, workflows for internal review of correspondences before the same are dispatched to the other project participating organisations etc. 

tBits Correspondence Management Module

tBits Correspondence Management Modules assists the organisations in implementing the a correspondence management system that offers the benefits of both electronic interchange of information and old mechanism of tracking all the incoming and out-going correspondences.