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Extensible Fields and Fully Customizable WebForms

Any Database driven business application needs to capture a lot of data from various sources including the users who are interacting with the application. Further, as per the requirement of the business, there is always a scenario where more information needs to be captured to define the business workflows or business rules.

The business processes of the Project often requires additional fields to be defined to capture the additional information and use the same for business logics.

The above has been the most critical constraint that faces the enterprise software applications. tBits  document control management system allows you to define new fields as per your business requirements - on the fly - without any software coding requirements.

The various field types that has been defined in tBits include

  1. Single Line Text (As subject of email is)
  2. Text Box (As body of email)
  3. User Type Fields (as To / CC etc in emails where if you type, the users appear from directory)
  4. Attachment (As attachments in email – where you can upload one or multiple files)
  5. Date
  6. Time
  7. Date Time
  8. Check boxes (Yes / No)
  9. Constrained Lists (Drop Down)
  10. Multi-select Constrained Lists

The user can define their web-based forms using any of these elements - any number of times. In addition - the users using the role based access controls can define which of these fields will be visible for action to which of the agents in the workflows.

Further - using the administrative panel - the users can define any type of business rules (Validations or Computations based on certain logic etc) on one or combination of fields and even decide the order of application of these business rules.

The above application architecture where there is no fixed predefined fields ensures that you can configure the application as per your work processes and project requirements without needing any costly application development resources and conventional Software Development Life cycle practices.

The above architecture ensures that application is completely configurable, scalable, with very little change overhead – as what is required by the projects.