Commercial Evaluation of Bids

Commercial Evaluation of Bids - During the Basic Engineering Design Phase of the project, the various major systems are taken out and a Bid Document prepared. The purpose of the bid document is to clearly specify the technical terms and conditions against which the equipment or package being bought will have to comply. The bids are usually submitted by the potential vendors in 2 sealed envelopes. One contains the technical part and another contains the financial part. The technical part of the bid is submitted to the engineers/consulting engineers for their evauation. This process where the engineers check the response of the bidders against the tender terms and specifications is called as Technical Bid Analysis.tBits CollabWrite Document Control Module assists right from the basic engineering when the tender documents are created and reviewed between the Engineering & Projects teams of the projects till the award of the packages to the bidders and finally to complete vendor engineering till As-Built is achieved.