Comment Resolution Sheet, CRS, Engineering Drawings Review Management Process

Comment Resolution Sheet as used in Engineering Drawings Commenting and Review Processes

Comment Resolution Sheet - During the process of Engineering Review, normally a Contractor will submit a Document/Drawings and owner will give decision on the same. Once the owner has given the comments on the submissions, the contractor may respond to the comments as given by the owner. The document that contains the response to the contractor to the comments as given by the Owner is called as "Comment Resolution Sheet". 

Comment Resolution sheet is used to track the comments as given on the said document or drawings by EPCM, its response by the contractor and final resolution about what needs to be done for accommodating the observation of the EPCM.

The comment resolution sheet forms the basis of which comments are to accepted & incorporated into the revised drawings/document, for which points / comments - there will be a scope change order etc.Once the final list of points that are to be incorporated into the drawings/documents has been prepared, the documents/drawings are revised and resubmitted to the owner for his decisions. tBits Document Control Module has complete provisions for the submissions of deliverable as well as Comment Resolution Sheets. 

tBits CollabWrite can be used for tracking and managing the engineering drawings and documents review cycle between the contractor, owner and other agencies over the complete lifecycle of the project from Planning to Handover.