Architectural, Engineering and Construction AEC

Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC)

Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC)

AEC - is an acronym standing for Architectural, Engineering and Construction. This is a very common term that is used for denoting the segment that comprises of firms operating in this industry segment. tBits CollabWrite is one such application that is targeted on AEC Segment and provide benefits to the customers operating in AEC segment.

Architecture Professionals use the tBits CollabWrite for managing, reviewing, collaborating and tracking their design drawings and documents.

Engineers use the application to gather the input data, perform analysis and reviews and give decision about approval or authorization for construction using the application. Engineers use the application from the beginning to the project closure for automated tracking of their project records. 

Construction Professionals use the application for collaboration and communication to ensure that they act on the latest version of the drawings that has been released for construction. 

tBits CollabWrite offers features that enable the Architectural Engineering And Construction Professionals improve productivity, reduce risk and improve profitability of their projects. 

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