Document Version Control Methodology - Checkin, Checkout, Lock

Document Version Control Methodology - Checkin, Checkout, lock

Checkin - This is a term widely used in the Document Management. The terms is also closely related with Check-Out and Lock. In the old era of paper based systems, if a person used to remove a file or a folder containing the documents from a filing cabinet, to perform changes on the said document, that process of taking the document out from the filing cabinet used tobe called as Checkout . The reverse process of putting back the revised document back in place in the filing cabinet used to be called as Check-in. As there was only a single hardcopy available in the filing cabinet, once it has been taken out by someone for modification (Checked-Out), it was not possible for any one to refer to it or to make modifications into it. All those people who have to made modifications on the said document, have to wait, till the person who has checked-out the file checks-inback. In the digital documents - particularly in the concurrent version systems [[1]], it was possible  for the people to refer to the same document even when the same is checked-out and if the person who has checked-out has to prevent the others from making modifications and putting the same back into the repository, he has to perform an additional action of Lock - which tells the repository not to accept changes from other users on the said  document. We still continue to use the same phases as were use earlier while referring to the digital operations of taking out a file for modifications (Check-Out) and putting in the file back into the repository after we have  completed the work of modify the document (Check-In). Checkout - Defined Above. The process of taking out a file from a repository is called as  Checkout.