As-Built Drawings

As-Built Drawings

As-Built - The terms refers to the final set of the structure (say a factory, production unit etc) as erected on ground. The time is widely used in conjunction with As-Built Drawings - that refers to the drawings referring to the final structure as erected on the ground.

The As-Built Drawings are used for the operation and maintenance of the structure erected by the project team and constitutes to final set of deliverable that are given by the team erecting the structure (EPC Contractor) to the team who is responsible for Operations and Maintenance of the structure (Project Owner).

Normally the process of handover is quite troublesome as the number of documents are large and all of them have to be delivered to the Owners team in a systematic manner for the Owner to Operate and Maintain the Plant over its lifecycle.

tBits CollabWrite assists the Owners, EPC Contractors and EPCM's by ensuring that all the documents are available in a systematic manner for the team to export only the as-Built Drawings into a CD / DVD or ISO File and handing over the data set to the owner. The As-Built Documents can also be handed over along with the complete meta-data exported into the format in which it is expected by the Owner's Team 

More information about tBits CollabWrite and its capabilities can be found here.