Approval Process of Engineering Drawings and Document in AEC Industry

Approval Process of Engineering Drawings and Document in AEC Industry

Approval Process - In any Project - particularly in infrastructure - there are parties involved with conflicting interests.Consequently, to ensure that the contractor is working in accordance with contractual terms and conditions, its imperative that any work is being done by the contractor is accepted by the owner before the payment ;is released to the contractor and he absolved from his obligation under the contract.

To ensure that the contract is enforced, all the design documents- as mutually agreed between the contractor and the owner, are to be submitted to the owner for his comments and decision before the contractor can commence work using those documents as construction or fabrication.Hence, between the contractor, owner, and their respective consulting engineers - if applicable, there is a mutually agreed document submission protocol and approval workflow under which if there is any document that is transmitted by the contractor to the owner,within stipulated time frame - the owner has to give a decision on the submission and similarly - if the document has been given a decision by the owner and decision requires re-submission, then owner again has to take action within the stipulated time.Given the fact that in most mature projects have owner, owner's consultant, contractor, contractors consultant, vendor and his teams,the flow can be quite complex at times.

An example of the Engineering Drawings Review and Approval Workflows can be found at the following link. Download here a sample Engineering Coordination and Control Procedure as is used in execution of large scale project in Architectural Engineering and Construction Industry.

Normally the project drawings review and approval workflows are defined in detailed during the project kick-off meetings. tBits CollabWrite - the leading engineering document control and project collaboration suite can assist you to implement and track all your project deliverable from planning to As-Built Stage in accordance with the Engineering Coordination and Control Workflows as are stipulated in the contracts.

For More information - Please see tBits CollabWrite - Engineering Document Control.