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Approval Codes as used in Engineering Drawings and Document Review Processes in AEC industry

Approval Code as Used in Engineering Drawing and Document Review in AEC Industry 

Approval Codes (also referred as Decision Codes) - Approval codes are a set of values and their  meaning that are agreed between the owner and contractor when  the contractor submits a document or drawing for review of the owner. An example of the approval codes widely used in the construction industry are as follows:-

Example of Approval Codes as used by Consulting Engineering Firms

Code Description
A1 Distributed / Release for Construction Drawing
A2 Approved
A3 Approved except as noted. Forward FINAL drawing
A4 Approved except as noted. Resubmission required
A5 Disapproved / Resubmit
A6 For Information / Reference only

Similar codes for denoting the decision are agreed in a project to prevent any confusion in the mind of any project participant. In is customary to also put a stamp on the document giving the code. Increasingly, Consulting Engineering firms are using Digital Stamps to give their decision.